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W31, LLC

Many of us often need to develop a slideshow for various purposes, or create an advertisement, a greeting card or illustrate a text. But sometimes, the clipart included in our suite does not meet exactly our needs. This free program offers a huge collection of clipart divided by themes. Thus, we can find clips related to sports, animals, education, entertainment, and so on. Each category is subdivided into more specific groups; for example, in the Sports category, we can find clips on soccer, football, baseball and others. This makes the finding of the right clip easier. The program also has a preview feature that allows users to view any of the images in its original size. The disadvantage of this feature is that it creates a difficulty in selecting the clips, located behind the previewed image. We have to click blindly on the place where the image we want is supposed to be to see it.

The program can be very useful for adding different images to your projects, which is done simply by copying an image and pasting it in our project, by saving it in the clipboard or simply by dragging and dropping it. Please note that, as well as other programs by this developer, this one uses the InstallQ manager, which asks you to install additional programs. You can decline unnecessary programs and still have this clipart collection.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Huge collection of images


  • Sometimes it is difficult to select the clips because of the preview feature
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